Here’s What
People Say
About Us.
Here’s What
People Say
About Us.

Beverly Loucks

Rehab at The Elms is like a vacation, I would never stay anywhere else. I give them a 5-star rating! Everyone is so thoughtful and very considerate of my health and wellness. I love it here, and so does my husband, John Loucks. It was his 2nd stay with y’all. You spoiled him. The food was very good as well, and the services are above and beyond. The staff was helpful and very caring to my husband and myself. Always checking on me. I LUV them all. This is my only choice for rehab. It’s very quiet, very neat and all. A special thanks to Deirdre, Elizabeth and Jennifer and the head nurse. Thank you.

Robert Hendrickson

My overall experience was 5 out of 5 stars! My improvement in motion after my stroke was wonderful! Thank you!

Mr. William Krausse

When I arrived at The Elms I was weak and bedridden. Thanks to the outstanding therapy I received, I regained my strength and persevered beyond my expectations! The Admissions department was exceptional, and Deirdre was always pleasant and helpful. Social services was always helpful. The therapy team was excellent, and I significantly improved. The food was tasty, and my special diet was explained to me.The nursing team was great; Colleen and Emmanuel were OUTSTANDING! My overall experience deserves a 5-star rating.

Joan Nortrup

I was very satisfied with my overall experience at The Elms. Thank you. Nicole Delhagen in social services was AMAZING!! The environment was VERY CLEAN, and admissions process was VERY EASY!

Charlie Heitzenroder

Sylvia took care of our room with such care and humor that I looked forward to seeing her every day.  Nothing was overlooked or forgotten.  She even did my laundry and hung up my belongings. You all should be proud of such an out employee such as Sylvia. The food was well balanced and delicious, just great. There was a very special event involving nutrition which was very educational. Lunch in the dining room were served by two fantastic ladies: Deirdre & Lauren. I thought I was in a 4-star restaurant, meeting and talking to new people while enjoying a meal was so uplifting. For me it was like a little piece of heaven. It is hard to describe, but it sure helped in my rehabbing.  My sincere thanks to Deirdre and Lauren for making my stay here so successful.  I also want to thank all the folks in the kitchen who worked so hard to make this experience happen. What a brilliant idea and concept.  Thank you. Thank you for giving me back my will to participate again in life. I could write or talk about how great this facility is, given the time.  I have been in other rehab facilities, and they cannot come close to the complete and professional results that this facility has provided me.


The admissions process was easy; Dierdre and Patrice were excellent and reassuring and everything was taken care of. Dierdre is very pleasant and peaceful. The therapist, nurse practitioner and physicians were excellent! Marie, Sylvia, Olivia & Esther were all really good. My overall experience was a good one with caring personnel.
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