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Welcome to The Elms at Cranbury!

Welcome to The Elms of Cranbury Rehabilitation & Healthcare Center! We’re a premier subacute care and long term care skilled nursing facility dedicated to serving communities throughout North & Central Jersey.

Our current visitation is open from 10 am – 7 pm in proper compliance with CDC guidelines. We look forward to welcoming you so you may spend time with your loved ones!

New Ownership

With new ownership at our helm, we are building on our center’s proud tradition of delivering exemplary healthcare to the community for over 60 years. We are excited to take our care to the next level, expanding our programs and services to better meet the unique needs of our senior population and supporting our clinical care with cutting-edge healthcare technology.

We are committed to improving the health, wellbeing, and overall quality of life of our patients and residents.
The Elms of Cranbury is a warm, comfortable and engaging setting that provides families with peace of mind as your loved ones are cared for with respect, dignity, and attentive care.

We Invite You To Learn More

Come! We invite you to learn more about what makes our community a home, and to explore our clinical care, subacute rehab, and long term care programs.



Nancy Wesley

All that I can say is that the entire staff did a wonderful job at helping me through a long journey, especially, Yiwei Xie, Director of Rehab MS OTR/L. –Nancy Wesley

Marita Colnaghi

The Elms of Cranbury is truly a 5-Star Rehab! The people were the BEST! Every corner of space was immaculate. The PT staff was kind, considerate, encouraging, and good humored. Ahmet and Monica kept me working and smiling. James, Emanuel and the rest of the nursing staff were attentive and did their best to meet my needs. My overall experience was very positive!! –Marita Colnaghi

Beverly Loucks

Rehab at The Elms is like a vacation, I would never stay anywhere else. I give them a 5-star rating! Everyone is so thoughtful and very considerate of my health and wellness. I love it here, and so does my husband, John Loucks. It was his 2nd stay with y’all. You spoiled him. The food was very good as well, and the services are above and beyond. The staff was helpful and very caring to my husband and myself. Always checking on me. I LUV them all. This is my only choice for rehab. It’s very quiet, very neat and all. A special thanks to Deirdre, Elizabeth and Jennifer and the head nurse. Thank you. –Beverly Loucks

Erica Serrano

I just want to say how much I really appreciate the people at The Elms. My grandmother has been in their Long Term Care for over 6 months and it has been great. It's been a learning process and a big adjustment for us all but we can't think of a nicer and cleaner place for our grandmother to live. She was previously living at another facility and I can definitely notice the difference in appearance and cleanliness. I would recommend The Elms to anyone needing Rehab or Long Term Care.
–Erica Serrano

Eric Wolff

This place is the best. Beautiful grounds, rooms, and amenities. All the staff I've met are friendly and professional. Everything is clean and neat. The dining room is elegant and the service is excellent. They really make it feel like you are in a high-end hotel, and not a convalescent center. I would highly recommend them for their quality of service, and the feeling of not being in a depressing place.
–Eric Wolff

Ray Beharry 

My Dad stayed at The Elms of Cranbury after having a stroke and being discharged from the hospital. The staff was friendly, courteous, and attentive. I felt as though they didn’t treat my dad as a patient but as a person. He was very happy there, made friends with the staff and other residents, and truly felt at home. He even knew some on a first-name basis, and I often found him joking with his caregivers. I would highly recommend the Elms to anyone who wants a welcoming environment to care for their loved ones.
–Ray Beharry

Robert Cortese

I stayed at the Elms for three-plus weeks, this was a few years ago, for short-term rehab on a total knee replacement. the staff could not be more considerate and helpful. the nursing care was outstanding, rehab was always on time, two sessions per day, and the therapists were great too. Also, the entire facility sparkled and smelled clean everywhere, and the food was exceptional for a facility such as this. They also arranged for all ambulatory services to leave the facility to attend doctor's appointments, and return back. They were also considerate enough to lend me a walker to take home for a few weeks until I was able to purchase my own and then return theirs.
–Robert Cortese

Mrs. Collier

My husband Benjamin Collier stayed at The Elms for 3 weeks in January of 2006. Every Elms employee with whom we came in contact, from the nurses to the dietitians to the physical therapists, made his experience a pleasant one. Your staff ensured his comfort and treated him with respect. Every family member who visited (and enjoyed your delicious food) felt welcome.
–Mrs. Collier

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